Work faster in Molecule Viewer

Creating beautiful, interactive visualizations with the Autodesk Molecule Viewer is fun and easy. But what’s better than Easy? Fast and Easy! Our design team built in some neat time savers you don’t want to miss


Faster Selection

When customizing your model, you might find yourself constantly switching between different selection filters. First, you may select a chain and color it green, then select residues of a ligand to view in stick representation, and then perhaps back to chain selection to view a binding pocket in surface representation. The selection filter menu on the right side of the 3D canvas let’s you define which type of elements you want to select.,Chains, Residues, Atoms,…

But, did you know that by accessing the hotkeys  Q, W, E and R on your keyboard, you can quickly switch between the various selection filters? All letters are conveniently located next to each other – QUERTY! Once you know this handy shortcut you’ll be able to create your model in seconds..

Faster 3D Navigation

Too rapidly frame your model (or a section of your model) in 3D space, our designers implemented an auto-zoom function. Just double click on any element and the 3D view will automatically zoom into the clicked element. This convenient shortcut also works in the 2D browser. Just double click and let the 3D scene do the hard work. Pressing the ‘F’ hotkey in an existing selection also triggers the same result.

Double click to zoom

Hope this helps and if you have time please let us know how we are doing at

Malte Tinnus

Malte Tinnus is a Senior Principal UX Designer at Autodesk Life Sciences, collaborating with world leading researchers to envision the paradigms and tools needed to understand and exploit the intersection of design and life.

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